About Our Brand

Our Story


My faith journey, while I attended church from childhood, only got serious as a teenager. I was only a Christian by name, not by lifestyle. To be honest, I was more of an embarrassment to my parents and church group. As a teenager, God injected one phrase into my Spirit “live in Christ”. The phrase became my defining slogan. I Soon found a way to engrave it on everything I own, the words now became an emblem of my life, LivNChrist. My life had now become a reflection of those very words which I carried with me wherever I went. My identity was formed, and respect, wisdom and success soon followed. As a result of the changes in my life, I met my beautiful wife with whom I now share a family.

For career advancement, I eventually moved to Canada. The passion and thirst for serving Him has only intensified, yet how could I serve Him more. Doubts and frustrations set in as I struggled to establish in a new country. I slowly shifted my attention and focus on earthly things until the Lord brought me to a place of utter humility, reminding me of my responsibility first and foremost, for the expansion of His Kingdom and everything else would follow. I started seeking Him earnestly and a dream I had carried for quite some time, soon started stirring within me. My one response was “Anything for you Lord.”

It would take faith and discipline. He spoke…. I listened!! Fashion. This is ruling the world. God spoke to me about being innovative and bridging the gap that I was seeing. This can be used to bring glory to Him. LivNChrist, my slogan for so many years, could be used as a tool to start a conversation, to help lead others. Just like I used it during my teenage years for my own good, I could use it so others can experience the difference the Word makes. The Word once, mixed with faith has the capacity to transform a life to effect change. God connects every dot in our lives. The Word is alive, it is quick, it is powerful. Just imagine, living beings, carrying about the Living Word, the conversations than can be had? See, the Word will be manifested to its full capacity when we not only live it out but carry the Christ in our lifestyle. God had got a hold of something in me. The dream was now alive. This had now become Our Brand.

Our whole goal is to bring HOPE to the hopeless, LOVE to society, and PEACE in rough places. Imagine if you who love Christ and His Word carried out on you and walked by people who are struggling with shame and guilt. The Word is what they need to set them free! Word travels with us, it doesn’t and shouldn’t be stationary or limited in its reach. LivNChrist is not just fashion, it is a movement, and it is THE lifestyle. Through LivNChrist, we are loving God, strengthening our society and believers, building ambassadors of Christ, and establishing the Kingdom of God right where we live. My wife and I have spent countless hours in the presence of God, seeking understanding on how to start this vision and movement. I have done thorough so much research on clothing brands and the quality of print and overall outcome that is obtained when we depend on profit-motivated businesses is quite disappointing. God has allowed me to understand that with His guidance, He will supply all our need, therefore we are proud to say we are not a profit- oriented business or brand; we are a soul-oriented brand. We started everything from our unit, and we have prayed over every single design we make and shirt we ship out to customers. Every design is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Our one and only goal is to influence the world with God’s powerful Word and unconditional love. Please be a part of our journey by becoming ambassadors of Christ through LivNChrist apparel. Join the movement. Join the mission.